Handcrafted Multifunctional Tray Featuring Azure Blue Persian Jewel - CHRISTMAS EDITION

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Product description

This material fusion of resin and teak wood makes it a traditional yet contemporary choice of tableware. The teak wood pieces are cut out from the logs and the preferred depth is hand-carved using a chisel by the craftsmen. The outer surface is smoothened with a file and the inside is layered with exotic flowers aesthetically and is preserved in resin for longevity. Each flower-adorned in these trays has meanings or symbolisms associated with it.

Use it as a nesting spot for your jewellery, coasters, snacks or as a breakfast tray.

MEASUREMENTS       8" X 7.7 "X 1" inches (LBH)

PRODUCT WEIGHT    423 grams
FLOWER USED           PERSIAN JEWEL     - Strong bond in a relationship

SHIPPING INFO         Dispatched in the next working day after the order is placed. Item not  eligible for return

Please note the product is completely handcrafted and since there is no machine involvement, kindly expect minute imperfections which makes a handcrafted product one of a kind.

After use, wipe with a soft cloth.