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Botanical Harmony: Hydrangea & Ferns

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Unlock Elegance: Vinatge Memory Locket

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What People Are Saying

"This is the fourth time I am ordering Kalavai By Chindu and as always I am so happy with the products. The precision and craftmanship are so unique, with attention given to each and every detail. I have gifted it to friends as well as family and they have all loved it. Keep up the good work Chindu. We need more dedicated artists like you.

Supriya Shetty, Homebaker

"I am pleased with my purchases and wish that I would have found you earlier.Your customer service, pricing are top notch"

Lakshmi Premkumar, Media Proffessional

"The prettiest way to carry your sweet memories."

Nauheed Cyrusi, Bollywood Actress

"I just love your design and the quality you deliver. I have bought resin jewellery from other pages on Instagram and the flowers have completely faded. Its been about 2 years since I have been using your product and still going strong. Be it the quality of the frame or the flowers you use. Not to mention the uniqueness. You can never find 2 identical pieces!! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

Krishna Raghunath, Homebaker

"I discovered kalavai by chance on Instagram and bought several pieces from her for presents for friends. The pieces are exquisite, well done with whatever customisation I requseted. I also asked her to make coasters and I loved the one she made for me. I am very pleased with my purchases and wish that I would have found you earlier."

Archana Subramanya, R& D Glaxosmithkline

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The Four- Leaf Clover Necklace

According to Irish tradition if someone finds a four-leaf clover they are meant to be lucky! Each leaf of the clover represents faith, hope and love ..And if you spot a fourth leaf then it represents LUCK!



Azure Hydrangea Necklace

A symbol of gratitude, heartfelt emotions, and deep understanding.

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Violet Hydrangea Necklace

Symbolizes grace, abundance, and everlasting love.

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Maple Leaf Necklace

Symbol of strength, resilience and a deep connection to nature

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Conscious Craftsmanship

A mash-up of joyful florals, each of our collections is inspired by nature and made meticulously to stay as a sweet memory forever.


My Journal

My First Pressed Flower Wall frame Story

2021 was a blessed year in many ways. A year to remember! Woah Keeping this journal space to share my very first flat-pressed flower wall frames I did forJoy Alukkas Gold Residencein collaboration withTempletown.


Choosing that unique gift !

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you consider gifting someone special? An expensive gift or something thoughtful? Perhaps, you often get confused.