Choosing that Unique Gift!
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Choosing that Unique Gift!

by CHINDU BENNY on Sep 10, 2023

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you consider gifting someone special? An expensive gift or something thoughtful? Perhaps, you often get confused.

For Thanksgiving, birthdays or any occasion, we might gift a bouquet, but we are unfamiliar with the flower names and their meanings.

According to floriography, the language of flowers, every flower has meaning, which conveys various emotions. For say, Aster signifies everlasting love and patience. So here, we use flowers to communicate feelings.

As a token of love or as a keepsake, dried flower gifting ideas have been popular now. Its renaissance! And we are preserving it forever using resin on a handcrafted frame.

It’s all about flowers, and who doesn’t love flowers?

From lichens and mosses to exotic flowers, we have a wide array of flowers you could choose from! You might wonder whether the flower gradually wilts or decays over time.?The answer is No.

All these flowers you see here are flat-pressed flowers which are completely dried and moisture free. And every piece of jewellery tells a story of mixed emotions – love, happiness, rebirth, hope so on.

What else could be a perfect gift?
Wear your flower with Pride!