Yellow Daffodil Flower Necklace


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The March’s flower Daffodil is known for its cheerful colour as sunshine. This bloom is considered to be the harbinger of spring, which usually comes in white, yellow and other hues.

Also known as Narcissus, which hails from Greek mythology this flower is heaped with symbolisms. Since it’s a spring flower they signify hope, rebirth, new beginnings, love and positivity.

It is believed to be named after the son of the river god from Greek mythology. William Wordsworth, an English romantic poet wrote a poem about “Daffodils” – ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud ‘ as a tribute to these happy flowers!

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1 review for Yellow Daffodil Flower Necklace

  1. Swathi

    A Beautiful piece in my collection ❤️

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