Chrysanthemum And Blossoms Bracelet


Three little enameled frames are encapsulated with chrysanthemum flower, moss, geranium flowers, and plum blossom. The neutral hue of chrysanthemum flower and peppy reds are tallied enough to fascinate the beholder!

In the language of flowers :

Chrysanthemum symbolizes devoted love and loyalty

Moss -maternal love and charity

Geranium flowers -good health

Plum blossom -beauty and purity


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  • Naturally dried flowers  
  • Colors of the flowers and ferns will not fade. They have been preserved for longevity.   
  • The product you receive might slightly vary from the product image because they are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. 
  • The unique and natural imperfections/irregularities are the result of human involvement. Please understand they are painstakingly handcrafted with utmost care and love. 
  • Avoid showers with the necklace as exposure to water may cause discoloration of the brass chain. 



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