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Vermilion Shade Larkspur Flower Adjustable Ring


Birthflower of July, this old-fashioned flower Larkspur symbolizes a strong bond of love, affection, and caring.

During the Victorian period, these flowers are used to gift on special occasions.

Delphinium or larkspur would be a perfect gift which can be given on housewarmings or birthdays.

Wear your flower

Plum Blossom Adjustable Ring- PINK


Plum Blossom aka baika, a delicate bloom that belongs to the rose family is common in Chinese culture since ancient times. Each petal of this dainty flower symbolizes five blessings:- longevity, prosperity, health, honor, and good living.

This flower often appears in Chinese traditional jewelry, clothing, and paintings.

A perfect gift to your beloved ones who loves to cherish a unique gift.

Azure Persian Jewel Flower -Statement Adjustable Ring


The most popular flower among our entire collection-Persian Jewel Flower aka Love In A Mist. This cheerful Azure-shaded flower hails from Northern Europe and is surrounded by thread-like bracts. From pastel shades to intense shades of blue this flower is truly a feast for the eyes.

Every flower according to floriography has symbolism associated with it.This beautiful nigella flower represents a strong bond formed over time and harmony.

Wear your flower!