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Lilac Hydrangea Wand Bookmark


Lilac hydrangea, a flower which symbolise a deep desire to understand someone. We often get misunderstood when we communicate! how about just dropping a flower which conveys what it stands for ?

Track your reading progress with this hydrangea bookmark !

Plum Blossom and Hydrangea Ruler Scale Bookmark


Hydrangea flower along with tiny plum blossom flower is a joy to hold . It’s so calming when you have flowers near you. And here we have a place holder to track your reading progress.

Manjadi Ruler Scale Bookmark


A seed that has been a part of our childhood days and influenced a lot of creators – “Lucky Red Seeds” or ” Manjadikurru”.As the name says it’s a lucky seed that is often found in Krishna temples across Kerala. It is believed that if a devotee places his hands in the Uruli (big brass vessel) and plow through the seeds three times is cured of all illness and achieves wealth.

White Hydrangea Bookmark


White hydrangea symbolise purity , grace and abundance. Perfect gift to give as a new baby gift !

A combination of tranquility and elegance , this place holder is a perfect gift for new moms !

Sweet Alyssum Buds Ruler Scale Bookmark


Track your reading progress using our slip in bookmark layered with sweet alyssum flowers . A flower which calms your mind and a bliss to behold

Sunny Hydrangea Ruler Scale Bookmark


Hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty . Layered this orange hue hydrangea in brass ruler scale bookmark. A beautiful way to track your reading progress.

Assorted Hydrangea Bookmark Crafted In Silver


It’s all about being close to nature , and holding a palmful of joyful flowers . In the hues of red and orange ,when you track your reading progress , what more could you ask for !

Surely an eye catchy place holder crafted in silver plating, this assorted hydrangeas symbolise gratitude,hope and beauty.

Gift it your bibliophile companion!


Assorted Flower Bookmark


Track your reading progress with our assorted flower placeholder

Flowers used :-

Yellow Dancing Girl

Blue Queen Anne’s Lace

White Aster

Adorned with a splash of copper foils!