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Assorted Hydrangea Bookmark Crafted In Silver


It’s all about being close to nature , and holding a palmful of joyful flowers . In the hues of red and orange ,when you track your reading progress , what more could you ask for !

Surely an eye catchy place holder crafted in silver plating, this assorted hydrangeas symbolise gratitude,hope and beauty.

Gift it your bibliophile companion!

Handcrafted Silver Bookmark – Hydrangeas and Ferns


A bookmark encapsulating hydrangeas which symbolise gratitude and hope. These bookmarks are so special to our entire range , as it’s a design which would turn heads and for you, a kind of souvenir that lasts forever .

Everyone loves nature, and this floral bookmark has preserved a bunch of botanicals around us .

A memory forever !

Vintage Florals Bookmark


A vintage accessory for tracking your reading progress. For your beautiful literary moments, we have encapsulated a bouquet of florals – hydrangea, elder flowers and Queen Anne’s lace, layered with forest ferns.

This finely etched bookmark will be a great gift for your bibliophile friends or family.

Let’s present a thoughtful gift for those nature lovers


Assorted Flower Bookmark


Track your reading progress with our assorted flower placeholder

Flowers used :-

Yellow Dancing Girl

Blue Queen Anne’s Lace

White Aster

Adorned with a splash of copper foils!

Sweet Alyssum Foil Bookmark


Alyssum, a cheerful companion of gardeners has a generous number of names. Ranging from “Wonderland Copper”, “Violet Queen” to “Carpet of Snow”.

This flower is said to protect from heated arguments! It symbolises calmness and sweetness.

This yellow cluster of flowers is layered along with splash of copper foils.

Track your reading progress with a sense of sweetness!

Gypsophila Wand Bookmark


How about tracking your reading progress with a vintage-inspired dangling bookmark? The antique wand is laser cut and has a fine intricate design all over with gypsophila encased. The flower is an everlasting symbol of love and compassion. Commonly used as a filler flower in wedding bouquets this flower is so charming in all its hues

What could be a better companion for your books?

Let’s make your literary moment extra special!